Prof. Moussa Bongoyok

PO Box 40126 Pasadena CA 91114

Prof. Bongoyok is the Founder and Rector FUID/IUDI. He earned his
PhD in Intercultural Studies with a special emphasis on Islamic
studies on June 2006 at Fuller Graduate Schools (USA). He pursued his
postdoctoral studies at Oxford where he focused on Islam and
Development. He is a Professor of Intercultural and Islamic Studies.

He is also the Academic Dean of Promise Christian
University (USA), a Major Advisor and Field Dean with William Carey International
University (USA), the Coordinator of the Islamic Studies at Biola
University (USA) and an adjunct professor in several universities in
Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.

He is a member of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

He has taught in a variety of subjects since 1993. He obtained his accreditation

to direct research in 2009. He has a range of experience in teaching,

academic administration, leadership at various levels, and cross-cultural ministry in

more than twenty countries across Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. He brings
strong skills in areas of intercultural communication, Intercultural
relations, Islamic studies, international development, research
methodology, program development and implementation, balance between
scholarship and practice, cross-cultural competencies, holistic
missiology, and non-Western perspectives on current trends. He is an
authority on Islam in Africa, intercultural relations, intercultural
theology in the African and Muslim context and holistic development. He is fluent in six languages

and he can read three more.
He is married to Priscille and they have three children (two boys and
one daughter).


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