Pr.Moussa Bongoyok / Professor of Intercultural Studies and Holistic Development / President of Institut Universitaire de Développement International (IUDI)


“IUID aims to be a consummate university that promotes and inspires personal life and community transformation by meeting physical, financial, moral, and spiritual needs of the people..”

Who We Are

IUDI was granted authorization to operate in Cameroon in 2012 although registered in USA under the appellation of Francophone University of International development three years back. She is still known by that appellation to date in California. IUDI is a university institution which trains managers and leaders. Grounded on biblical ethics, selfdirected learning, mentoring, innovation, digital learning and holistic development. She trains online and onsite in the following fields: International development, Business administration, Theological studies, Intercultural studies, Linguistics, Education. Other fields of learning such as ecotourism, environmental studies, political sciences, law, health sciences, will come up in the near future.



IUDI is a consummate institution which aims the transformation of personal and community lives while taking into accounts their intellectual, physical, financial, moral and spiritual needs in a holistic perspective. IUDI trains men and women capable of making the difference for the glory of God and effectively contribute to the integral development of personal lives and communities.


IUDI is not only a university. It is also a dynamic movement whose aim is to impact the world with godly love and excellence, through self-directed learning, integral mentoring and holistic development, while maintaining a balance between faith and reason, theory and practice, distance learning and onsite learning.